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I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Christina and Yesennia. They responded quickly, gave professional and honest answers, and all in all they did a fantastic job. It brought me so much peace of mind. It was worth investing that extra money!

– AS

Christina did an excellent job on my I601 waiver. She explained the application process very well and responded promptly to my queries. A very professional service I would be happy to recommend.

– M

I came to Christina after receiving a request for evidence and being deemed inadmissible for not getting a couple vaccines, Christina did a wonderful job on drafting my religious exemption letters and putting it all together for me, it was easy to fill out all the forms she needed in order to draft my letters. We sent my application for a waiver of inadmissibility along with my religious and moral letters and in less than a month my permanent resident status was approved! I now have my green card after being in the country for 13 years! Christina was a godsend and I’m so happy I found her and her team, I wouldn’t have my green card if it wasn’t for them. Forever grateful!

– Sofia

I’m deeply grateful and appreciate Attorney Xenides and her wonderful team’s help, my I601 and green card not only got approved, but also much faster than what I had expected, it only took 3 months. Attorney Xenides is very professional and dedicated in the entire process. She is kind and understanding of my specific situation during our video meeting at the very beginning. During the process, the much detailed questionnaire amazed me, it indicates how deep they know my faith, it facilitates very well for me how to explicitly address my faith. Attorney Xenides had guided me step by step, the instructions she gave were crystal clear and made it easier to follow through this whole nerve wrecking situation. In addition, She’s prompt to respond to all my questions and inquiries. She’s very knowledgeable and up to date. Unlike others, she really cares about her client and tries her best to help wholeheartedly. Attorney Xenides and her team is beyond excellent in my opinion, I would highly recommend this professional law firm – Siri & Glimstad to others, they are the true fighters for justice. I am in awe of Siri & Glimstad and hope the best for all the attorneys and paralegals!

– Yi Shing

“I found this law firm from a video of Siri I saw online. It was like I was divinely led. I needed help with filing a religious waiver and I am so eternally grateful to have found Siri & Glimstad. I worked mainly with someone named Christina and she was truly wonderful. Literally THE best legal experience I have ever had. She was VERY prompt (within minutes) in replying to my emails and even allowed me to text her with questions to which I got pretty much immediate responses just like when I email her which was shocking because my other immigration lawyer typically takes a day or several days to hear back from and if I’m lucky it’ll be a few hours but that was rare.

I also appreciated that Christina was very detail oriented, answered all my questions in entirety and did so in a clear and concise manner. It’s weird to say this but it was such a breath of fresh air working with her. The entire process was very streamlined and this law firm clearly knows what they’re doing and I have already recommended them to others. You really do get what you pay for and even though the outcome is never guaranteed I would still highly highly recommend this law firm and Christina to anyone. She was a pleasure to deal with and even after all my forms were filed and her services were ended – if I had questions she would still promptly reply. When my religious exemption was approved and my permanent resident card came in the mail…I cried and I thought of Christina and how grateful I am and will always be for making such a stressful time a lot easier for me. Thank you so much again. Blessings”

– Samantha

Christina and Yesennia was very professional and advocated on my case requirement questions and concerns with patience and empathy.
I have relished your knowledge and communication. My sincere appreciation and Thank you so much for your great work on my behalf.

– Raj Sola

Such a great firm to work with. I ran into some complications with my Green Card application once I found out I needed to take certain vaccines to even apply. My other law firm ( The one that handled my green card application process ), wasn’t very helpful in navigating these “murky waters”. But this was an extremely important matter to me and all I knew, is that I wasn’t going to take any of those “mandatory” vaccines in order to become a permanent resident. I found Siri & Glimstad after doing some research and since the very first moment I spoke to them, they took my concerns really seriously and told me what my options were very and in a easy way for me to understand it. Today I received my Green Card!!! And I’m thrilled and eternally grateful and thankful for you guys! This would not have been possible without your knowledge and guidance.
Thank you so much!!

  – ML 

I worked with Jessica Wallace & Christina Xenides for my immigration vaccination waiver (I-601) and received my green card approval in 12 months! The process was very clearly constructed and outlined. Communication was stellar and super responsive to move things along quickly. The firm is very well versed for all the I-601 requirements and proper filing procedures. Will be using this firm for all my future needs!

  – Sasha